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Monday, January 28, 2013

a little bit of life

our life is set on survival-mode lately.
ok, that sounded super dramatic. it's not that bad.
basketball season is from November-March, and around the end of January, we get a little stir crazy. It could be that we are constantly going from gym to gym, or maybe it's that there is only one parent...and the fuse seems to get shorter and shorter, or possibly it is that January is the longest month ever, and we are cooped up inside.
either way, here is how we are spending our days...

cuddling, wrestling, and (sometimes) tormenting brother.
a holiday! day off for Daddy! Breakfast at Eva's Boulangerie & Segfried's

Monday nights: reserved for a little Bachelor viewing party. 
Camden has his own little sweet setup...only he's watching Peter Pan.
Camden loves having our friends over so much, that he asks them if they want to come over and maybe watch the Bachelor Sean. we may have created a monster. or a social butterfly.
 my line-a-day , Q&A journal. Gives me a few seconds to think and reflect.
Plus, it asks some great questions!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

this little man

I cannot even tell you how fast the past 10 months have flown by.
My little baby is almost one.
How does that even happen?
Somewhere between March and now, I went from snuggling a newborn, to chasing after a crawling infant. 
I know, I know, now that this is kid #2 I had to have known this would happen quickly, blah blah blah. But I really was not emotionally prepared.

not prepared to the point that I fight back tears sometimes. 
at 10 months, Turner is:
crawling like a maniac. I mean, kid has skills. he is one quick little bug.
eating everything in sight. he is our own little vacuum cleaner.
in the 75% for height! woo hoo- keep this up and you might outgrow your mama
in the 15% for weight. like I said, burns calories like mad.
is saying mama, dada, uh-oh, wow, ow--real words: hat (first word!) and lights
is walking around furniture and standing on his own. he likes to pull himself up on our legs, his brother, the wall...pretty much anything. and
shaking his head "no no"
 has 7 teeth so far
loves baths with his brother, playing peek-a-boo, honking noses, chasing after memo (our dog), climbing stairs, biting toes, fighting swords, playing with hats and balls, and pointing at things.
loving "take me out to the ball game" and the BYU fight song. whenever he starts to cry, Camden immediately starts singing one of Turner's favorite songs. It makes me such a proud mama.
heart melting. seriously. one smile and he has you wrapped around his finger.
an easy smile
hating: getting his nose wiped, getting his diaper changed, and getting put in his car seat. he also knows when I say "night night" that it's bedtime, and he immediately arches his back and throws his little head. however, never has a problem going down for a nap.

It may just be second child syndrome, but Turner is so easy going. he really is just so happy to be around. he laughs and smiles all the time, and is trying his darnedest to keep up with his big brother.

I'm not sure what we ever did without this little man.
so happy he's ours :) 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

driving dialogue

Camden: man, these Harmon's people really know how to live.
this car is the best!
I even like it better than my new favorite word (which just so happens to be tutus...)
Turner: and as an added bonus, this car is very eco-friendly. 
Camden: What?!? Cool, and helping the environment? 
Turner: wait a second... mommy?! You are going to allow my 3 year old brother to take lead on driving this thing? is he even licensed? I think the buzz mobile at home would beg to differ...
Camden: Dude. Keep quiet and I'll share my lollipop with you...
Camden: There's a good brother.
*all conversation that is italicized may or may not have occurred

Saturday, January 12, 2013

happy new year

New Year's Eve.
the morning was spent at the cabin, lazily loving the spread of treats and games.
during the afternoon, we ventured out of the cabin to Cedar City and watched Les Miserables...I may or may not have seen it 4x by now, but who's counting?

For some unknown reason, we always seem to end up at Chili's on NYE.
This year, that tradition continued...
We rang in the New Year a few hours early so all the kids could enjoy the fun!
Poppers, hats, horns, kazoos, name it, we had it.

A perfect New Year's Eve  in my humble opinion. 
good company and a new year's kiss from my one and only :)

a little town called Vegas

after Christmas, we headed down to Vegas...
picked up a few stragglers (Mike & Everett)
wreaked havoc at the hotel
celebrated Everett's 2nd Birthday at Circus Circus
played Guillotine into the wee hours of the night
ordered room service
explored the m&m and coke factories
rita's italian ice!
balloon animals
best burgers ever

Friday, January 11, 2013

we're still having fun, and you're still the one...

How have the past 6 years gone by so fast?
This guy is still the sweetest man I know,...who makes me laugh on a daily basis, can kiss my fears away, and it just so happens he is also a pretty amazing father. 
And I get to finish out eternity with him?! How in the world did I get so lucky?
 We celebrated this year with another showing of Les Miserables...
we may or may not have cried through the entire thing, again. (ok, maybe not we. mostly me :)
After the movie, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, followed by a night downtown at the Little America.
Happy Anniversary, Ryan!

Christmas Day

Christmas...everything we hoped it would be :)
Camden was beyond excited when he saw that Santa did indeed bring him a bike, and a Lightening McQueen racetrack-- so much excited, that we had a hard time getting him to even look at any other gifts...
Turner was just as he always is, happy with everything. It did help that he got a new walker and ball toy.
Ryan completely surprised me with a Kindle! Well done, Ryan. Well done.
After having our own little Christmas morning, we headed over to Ryan's grandparents' house for brunch. From brunch, we all met at Charles' office for the "reveal".
Then we got to see the MUCH anticipated premiere of Les Miserables.
I'm not sure what I was more excited for, Christmas itself, or Les Miserables... and I did indeed LOVE it. Anne Hathaway broke my heart! Empty Chairs and Empty tables never hit me so hard, and I really wanted to join the revolution!
After the movie, we opened gifts with Ryan's dad, and had Christmas dinner.
The Christmas spirit was deep in my heart this Christmas... what could be better than spending a wonderful holiday experiencing joy with the ones you love most? 

Christmas Eve

breakfast at the belgium waffle and omelet inn.
setting up our Christmas gift for Charles (a new couch for his office! plus, some organization...)
revealing my gift for Ryan (an office makeover)
dinner, games, trifle, the nativity (at Lourie's house)
putting together helping Santa (some assembly required?!) 
Anticipating Christmas! 

Why do I even try to get him to take pictures?!