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Monday, February 27, 2012

scenes from life {lately}

Bits and pieces of inherited perfectionist ways being shown during playtime... he may or may not get that from my side of the family :)
Trying to say goodbye to the binky...clearly not working out so well. We're hoping when he sees baby brother with one, he'll decide to fully assume his big boy role, and give it up. wishful thinking?
Staying in our jammies until well after 11:00, but finding that it's alright as long as you can chow down on these delicious mini churros!
We are officially in a big boy bed over here! The transition may have been a bit of a rocky one... I hated the first week. Being awakened in the middle of the night by a loud thud, then crying, was not my most favorite moment. However, we have been "bumper pillow" free for a week now, and there have been no fall outs! Poor kid had to tame his wild sleeping.
My first attempt at a Valentine's decoration. I didn't realize how vast the world of tacky decorations was until I started looking for something to adorn my front door.
Lunch dates with our favorite guy. We sure do love daddy! Especially when he brings cupcakes...

Getting more and more pregnant...and more and more ready to meet baby boy #2 :)

Watching daddy coach basketball...we really get into the games.

An afternoon date to see our favorite comedian. Brian Regan never dissappoints.

Showing his favorite toy to baby brother.
he melts me.

Friday, February 24, 2012

sitting, waiting, wishing

37.5 weeks pregnant.
and measuring a little big...
we'll for sure be meeting this little boy in two weeks, if not before!
Dare I say, we're ready?
Maybe if I put it out there, he'll decide he is ready to meet us, too :)
I was so caught off guard when they induced me at 37 weeks with Camden, I had so many last minute things to complete, and I really thought I had at least 3 more weeks to prepare!
So, this time, (with A LOT of husband, parents, and in-laws are the best!)
we have things ready.
ready as in: nursery mostly completed, newborn diapers purchased, Camden fully brainwashed instructed on how much fun a new baby is going to be, Ryan will be on spring break next week, and I am so ready to be done.
a little nervous, as in: I am not sure if I am ready to give up my time with Camden.
There, I said it. 
I know I will love this little boy just as much as I love Camden, and giving Camden the opportunity to be an older brother will be wonderful, but I am selfish.  I love being able to give all of my attention to my little buddy, and I'm just not sure if I am ready to give that up.
Even now, as I am sitting at the computer, bawling, Camden came over to give me a hug and see if mommy is ok.
Not to say I am not excited to meet this little boy, and all of the adventures we'll have together too, I am just a little...nervous.

the lake of bears

Annual trip to Bear Lake...version 2012.
This year we did something new!
oh, wait, we did the same things we do every year.
and they are glorious.
Lots and lots of food and games...what could be better?
 Penny & Camden enjoyed having a lot of people to play with (especially Jonny and Steve).
The boys went shooting.
The girls had some great girl talk.
 Camden was non-stop energy.
We read people magazine while lounging.
We caught some breath-taking sunsets.
And I got to spend some much needed relaxation time with my boys :)
It's crazy to think that next year's getaway will include one more little guy... and a non--pregnant, me! hallelujah!