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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Football Begins

And we are excited!

Yup, college football is our love...
Well, BYU college football!

And this was Camden's first game not in my tummy- He was so excited by all the commotion.
Top 3: things of the season opening game in Lavell Edwards Stadium:
1) Seeing how cute Camden looked in his BYU gear
2) While holding Camden in the foyer as he napped during 1/2 time, a guy walked up to me and told me that I was a good mom :)
3) BYU walked away with a victory

Go Cougars!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

So Big

Ahh! My baby is 9 months old already! Holy Crap.
It seems like I was pregnant and impatiently waiting for him to arrive just yesterday...and also forever ago-all at the same time.
He is getting so BIG- he is now in the 3% for weight, and in the 25% for height.
He can sit up all by himself.
He pulls himself up on everything and anything, and loves to stand.
He loves to soak me when he splashes in the bathtub.
He is a very impatient eater...he screeches/screams in between bites if you aren't shoveling it in fast enough.
He is a crawling maniac, and man is he fast!
He is so strong. He does these little crunches things where he lifts his head and shoulders off the ground--total ab workout. And yes, he can hold the position longer than I can.
He loves churros.
He has the world's cutest laugh.
He has started fake coughing.
He spits up less! Woo Hoo (Thanks to the most expensive formula on the planet! Really, it's like gold)
He is quite the little busy body-- he refuses to hold still unless he is asleep, and even then, he rolls around.
He has such long beautiful he can charm the ladies.
Which, he does...He is such a little flirt!
People tell me he looks like the Gerber baby.
He is so smiley and happy :)
He will let anyone hold him-- for now. (which, I love)
Some popular nicknames for our little man are: Baby Love, Camdelicious, Cammers, Cam,
Cam-e-don, Zeke, Kiddo, Squirmy, Boof Meister, Little Man...poor kid probably doesn't even know his own name!

As you can tell, his mom thinks he is pretty dang close to perfect. 9 months is a good age--

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quilting Madness

The women in the Judd Family are intense quilters.
I am always so impressed by the beautiful quilt projects they always seem to create.
Every year they have a quilting retreat at the cabin in New Harmony, and this year, they invited all girls 18 and older (which means the husbands were at home with the babies!)
Here is what the basement of the cabin was transformed into...

We made a table runner, burpcloths, and those who were quite ambitious...which I think most were, made a full size quilt to take home.

It was so much fun to see all the cousins and aunts again-- I only got to come down for a day because of work, but I am all ready taking the time off to come the entire time next year!
Thank you Sharon, LuAnne, Janine, Lynette, and Grandma Judd for making the quilting retreat so much fun--