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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

scenes as of late

 Hear no evil? I think he was just preparing himself for loud interactions with big brother...
 This has got to be one of my all time favorite pictures.
My 3 boys. And they really are all mine. :)

a few visitors

 While in the hospital, we had a few visitors.
It was so nice to see all the friendly faces, anxious to see this new little babe, and love him too.  We are so blessed to have so many wonderful family members and friends :)

welcome to the world

 Welcome to the world, baby Turner!
Here are a few hospital snapshots of your first few hours--
Checking out your mama...
 Daddy and big brother Camden watching you get your very first bath!
(Camden really didn't understand why you were crying, he LOVES baths)
Big brother holding you for the first time :)

 Oh, sweet little baby, what did we ever do without you?

a birth story

 The night before you were born (March 7th) I finally packed my bag.
I was a little nervous. Wouldn't you be too? If you knew you were about to become the mother of 2, I would argue that you would be just as jittery as I was.
We tried to sleep as much as possible, knowing that sleep would only be a HUGE luxury in the many months to come! After tossing and turning, checking and re-checking that I had everything for your arrival, the 9:00 am phone call from labor & delivery came.
 At 10:00 they checked us into our room and started getting all set up.
10:30 am- started me on pitocin
10:35 am- Grandma & Grandpa Nelson came
10:40 am- Daddy & Grandpa Nelson gave me a blessing
10:40-11:45- contractions 3 minutes apart...not fun
11:45- I got an epidural!
Then, I figured this would take awhile, since inductions historically do. When I checked in at 10:00, I was 80% effaced, and dilated a 3. So, I sent your dad to go rent a movie or 2, get a snack, etc. thinking we would be here, waiting, all day.
At 12:30, the nurse came in to give me a catheter and checked me again.
She asked if my other little boy had come fast.
Well, sort of. I mean, I was induced 3 weeks early, so my body was not ready at all, and I had him within 16 hours. I guess that could qualify as fast?

 In the hour since getting the epidural, I had become fully dilated and you were ready to come out!  So, while the nurse was calling Dr. Ponder, I called your dad...who was standing in line at the cafeteria, hot dog and fries in hand, had already paid, handed the food to someone, and ran back to the room.
Dr. Ponder came in at 1:00, I started pushing, and at 1:15, you were born!

 I'm not sure what it was, either you were really really excited to meet us, or I was really really done being pregnant. Either way, you came pretty quick.
Best labor & delivery ever :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the week before you were born

 the week before we became a family of 4 was a busy one!
we loaded up on spicy Mexican foods, trying to get baby brother to appear on his own.
we also got a visit from this weird little ferret friend.
honestly, I thought it was someone's pet. it didn't seem to be afraid of us, like wild animals usually are...however, after some research, we think it was just wild.
and we were quite relieved when it disappeared.
until a week later, when Ryan found it fried to the engine in my car. awesome.
 we picked up some last minute nursery decor at ikea, and enjoyed a lovely, (cheap!) dinner.
 i turned 25. holy crap. 25.
my birthday was a bit overshadowed this year by the impending birth of this little boy, i really didn't even want a celebration at all! (so not normal for me)
Ryan got me a prenatal massage, and bath salts, and we went to dinner at the Dodo :)
he also bought me a vanilla cake loaded with fattening frosting, just the way i like it!
i teased him because he actually put 25 candles on the cake.
then he lit them, and we all figured out they were trick candles! 25 trick candles. ha ha