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Sunday, September 27, 2009

My new favorite thing

I am obsessed with watching my stomach. It's true-- my favorite thing to do is just stare at it and try to catch Camden kicking, tumbling, and moving around! It has been so much fun lately, because not only can I feel the little guy move, but if you watch, you can actually see my tummy move too! I take a bath every night just so I can see his kicking make the water ripple... it is the coolest thing ever. At first I would try to include Ryan every time he made a series of big moves, but it turns out that he moves a lot and Ryan doesn't come running like he used to... :)

However, I think the little kid that was sitting next to us in church today thinks I am crazy. I was engaging in my new favorite pastime, and Camden wasn't moving, so I figured that I would just nudge him a bit to get him to move...that didn't work, so I started poking my stomach, and it escalated into something that resembled wack-a-mole. I looked over and the little boy was either staring in disbelief, or possibly trying to catch a fly in his mouth...either way, I have learned to let Camden move when he wants to move. That way no more little children will be scarred for life due to my pregnancy.

Just 79 days left, and I will be a mom!