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Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Do

As I was contemplating the day ahead and making out my trusty "To Do" list this morning,
it occurred to me... Am I planning my life away? (More like listing, but you get the point)
The thought wouldn't leave me alone.

So I thought of people I know who also make a lot of plans.
My best friend, Brecca, is one of them.

She has plans every night of the week! She is always looking into fun things and events coming up and planning to attend or experience them. What a life huh? No laziness whatsoever involved... I envy it.

A few months ago she came to me and said that planning was becoming too overwhelming for her husband who wanted an occasional quiet (unplanned) night at home... but she couldn't do it.
She said that lack of planning made her feel as though she is wasting her life.
huh. I had never thought of it that way.
I helped her come up with a solution to being able to compromise, all the while I was thinking
Hey, I need to do more! That's my problem.
So, this fall I set out to plan more, do more with my time, and really, just not be lazy and sit at home.
Surprisingly, it was easy! It was fun! We did so many fun fall things that I love, and I didn't miss out on anything, or have the thought of "why didn't I do that?"
On a separate, but somehow totally related note, have you ever heard the phrase "Not to put feathers in their hat"-- before a compliment is given?
I have. And fore some reason, it has always bothered me a bit.
Why wouldn't you want to put feathers in someone's hat?
It would give credit where credit is due.
I think we should all have lovely hats full of feathers, so to speak.
So, I am going to put a feather in her hat...Brecca's fresh outlook on life has directly inspired me to do more, experience more, and plan.

However, I really really like my "To do" lists...
Maybe I will just try to relax them a bit. Not color code them by priority?
I think that's a start :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Leaves

Fall is my very favorite season!
I love the changing colors, especially in Utah with all the mountain glory!
I love the cool crisp air accompanied with lots of sunshine--
I love football season, back-to-school shopping, Halloween, Thanksgiving...
I love apple cidar, caramel apples, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bagels, PUMPKIN PLINKO--
I love fall clothes, jackets, scarves and boots...
I love corn mazes, pumpkin patches...ok, I think you get the idea.
I love it all!
Since I love it so much, Ryan and I took Camden on his first trip up the Canyon to discover the leaves...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Best of St George Week

Back in August we embarked on our annual St. George Vacation with some friends...
As usual, it did not dissappoint.
Here are some oh so memorable pictures and highlights.
- Boys golfing multiple times
- Ryan and Jonny winning the coveted Golfing trophy
- Girls (and Camden) shopping trip
- Games Galore

- Tube wars...the flying squirrel dominated
- Laying by the pool
-Bowling-- props to the Burtons for the win
- Mango Chicken amazingness--courtesy of the Harbies
-Ryan turning 27!!!
-Disney Scene it--won by the girls
- Lots of sleeping...for everyone besides Camden and I--and Stacy, when we woke her up
-I like turtles
-Camden's churro episode
- Jonny watching the "Body Guard"
It was a great trip :)
We had a blast and Camden loved being the center of attention!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I have a confession.
While I really do love my job, I have a dream job-
(Everyone has those tho, right?)
I would say my dream job is more of an obsession...Let me explain.
When one has extra time and the baby is sleeping, what do they usually do? Popular answers may be: settle in with a good book, click on the tv to catch up on the latest show, call an old friend, do some much needed housework...whatever.
Here is where my little confession comes into play-- I get on my computer and (no, it's not facebook or blog stalk) I look at fashion.
I do. I spend hours upon hours looking at fashion icons, disecting their outfits, dreaming I could afford designer clothes, and because I can't, I then proceed to try to find clothes that can pass as knock-offs for such. It's bad.
So, that being said, my dream job would be to become a personal shopper.
Yup. Shop for other people who actually have money to wear the things I would love to.
Or even shop for people who do not share my passion...or even shop for people just to find awesome deals!
I know, I know. I love to shop til I drop, look at magazines, watch fashion shows on Bravo (Project Runway and the Rachel Zoe project...just off the top of my head), and dream up new outfits...and I probably don't look like it.
oh, well. Just because I said it was an obsession doesn't mean it is necessarily a successful one right? Did I mention that "Confessions of a Shopaholic" is one of my favorite books?
I know, I'm lame.

I also realize, that while my hobby may be completely superficial, it is fun.

I am not justifying it... I'm merely explaining. :)