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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

great news!

baby #2 will be arriving in March!
we couldn't be more excited-- or nervous...but mostly excited :)

farmer's market

 the summer south jordan farmer's market is best described as small and simple.
it's about two minutes from our house, and the perfect place to spend a saturday morning.
Camden got to meet the reading tuacan, and was occupied with a balloon, sucker, and his "man" doll. (it was Ryan's superman doll when he was little, and Camden loves it!)

 we were entertained by the lazy morning, delicious assortment of breads, and philly cheesesteak for lunch.
sometimes i wish we lived in a really old part of town, or a more urban area, but then we do fun things like this with our small, semi-country south jordan neighbors, and i'm reminded of why we live where we do.


for Brett's birthday he wanted tucanos.
and the girls knew tucanos is right by anthropologie...
just kidding! but true ;)
the brazilian food was fabulous! as was the shopping-

Thursday, August 25, 2011

st george (1)

 st george 2011--
every year in august we head to st george, stay at the summerhays' condo, and enjoy a relaxing week of fun in the sun...and in the cool, air conditioned condo!
every year it gets harder and harder for all 8 of us to get down there for an entire week. this year we had to battle with real jobs! what? our friends all have careers now? how did we ever get so old?
the first few days consisted of pool time & kid time.  Jonny & Steve got some golfing in, and Angela and i tried a bike ride with the kiddos. 

Camden loved splashing around with Steve in the pool. Ryan had to go back up to SLC for meetings, so Steve and Jonny were nice enough to throw the kids around in the pool :)

yup, this is me, holding Camden, floating in the toddler tube.  I was talked blackmailed into getting in. embarassing, but also, kind of entertaining!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

rio tinto

 Real Salt Lake!
sitting back to relax and enjoy an RSL game is always enjoyable.
especially when Stacy and Steve come!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

park city birthdays

yes, stacy and i did order this HUGE thing...just the two of us

ryan, alicia, charles, shauna, and steve all have august birthdays.
so we use that as an excuse to head up to park city, eat at fat kid pizza, enjoy the alpine coaster, partake of delicious rocky mountain chocolate factory carmel apples, and have ourselves a good time in their behalf.

birthdays are a big thing.
and we love it!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

family reunion

every year we have the Evans' family reunion at cherry hill.
and every year i vow to take more pictures.
turns out this is the only one i have.
i fail.
we ate dinner and had a bean bag tournament on sunday,
then came back for water park fun on monday.
hopefully next year i'll remember to take more pictures!