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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Best of 2009

2009 went by so fast! It was a big year for us. Ryan and I can best describe it as "The year we grew up"-- Here are a few highlights...

We rang in the New Year in San Franciso with the Judds, visiting everything from the Ghiradelli factory and the wharf to Alcatraz and the Golden Gate BridgeIn March I turned 22! We celebrated with a wonderfully delicious dinner at The Melting PotIn April we bought a house!! It is in the perfect neighborhood and we absolutely LOVE the area and our neighbors-- It still feels a little weird to have a mortgage...We also found out in April that I was pregnant!! Easter brought the annual Judd Family Egg Roll in Cedar City, and I was crowned 2009's CHAMPION!! Here are my award winning Care Bear Eggs :)My niece Brinley Jo Nelson arrived on April 7th--Brian and Kasey's 2nd little girlUs at the hospital with Jarom and KaylaeLondon Marlee Johnson (daughter of Chris and Brecca) made her appearance in May and opened my eyes to the miracle of birthIn June we headed to HAWAII--I had been counting down the days since December! By that time I was just over 3 months pregnant, and had been sicker than sick, but Hawaii was good to me, and I only threw up 3 times the whole week--The Beach was amazing...Hawaii did not dissappointWe had great food, fun activities, and an amazing condoIn July the ultrasound revealed that we would be having a boy in December, so we began the transforming our extra bedroom into baby Camden's nurseryIn August we took our 2nd annual trip to St. George and spent time having fun in the sunUnfortunately, me 5 1/2 months pregnant, and wakeboarding don't mix, but I did get to just hang out on the boat and bask in the sunOver Labor Day we went to Midway for the famous Swiss days--the scones were delish, and I fell in love with the cute little town of MidwayIn October we held the 4th Annual Pumpkin PlinkoComplete with an amazing courseAnd ridiculously fun gamesBy the time I was 8 months pregnant I decided to finally fully embrace my pregnancy and get some pictures takenWith only 3 1/2 weeks until my due date, we finally finished the nursery! It was a good thing too, because I got preeclampsia and was induced 3 weeks early--We became parents to the cutest little boy in the world...Camden was born November 25, 2009Ryan with our son :) Now there are 3 of us--
We made some memories we'll never forget this year--

Saturday, January 9, 2010

3 years later...

...and life is great! 12.30.06 Ryan and I were married-- it has been the best 3 years of my life and I can't wait to continue making memories of us!

Love is all you need :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Christmas of Firsts

Christmas was a little different this year, and a little more hectic with a newborn around. I did a lot of online Christmas shopping while sitting inside and wishing for snow! Who doesn't love a White Christmas? And when we were finally graced with a blanket of white, Ryan blamed me-- turns out everyone doesn't love snow as much as I do--however I have no regrets! :) We thoroughly enjoyed our WHITE Christmas by experiencing new things.
It was Camden's first Christmas

It was our first year decorating a full sized Christmas tree in a house of our own

The first Christmas where my family all met in Utah

The first time we got to talk to 2 missionaries--John and Annie--on the phone

We had a great Christmas spending time with family and enjoying our cute little baby boy! I can't wait until next year when Camden will actually know what is going on :)