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Monday, December 19, 2011

it's the holiday season

the decorations are up, the music is always playing, i've already seen my fair share of movie classics, and there are less than 7 days until the big event!
it's the holiday season, and i am loving it!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


my voice has up and left me.
it's happened before.
the last time, i was also pregnant... i'm sensing a trend.
a most unfortunate trend.

2 1/2 weeks ago, i got a measly cold.
i think i was a little run down from taking care of Camden when he was sick.
a cold is no big deal. everyone gets colds, and i can handle the sniffles, sneezes, and coughs.
then, right before thanksgiving, the cold descended...into my throat and settled in my vocal chords.
and that is when my voice left and i really started to feel awesome. (insert sarcasm here)
3 days of no talking, drinking (at least) 15- 17 oz bottles of water a day, gargling salt water, and laying down. i really wanted to give my body a fighting chance at getting rid of this.
one can only put life on hold for so long, and after the sickness remained, and the voice was still gone, i decided to get back to life.
yesterday i went to the ear, nose, and throat specialist.
after putting a camera down my nose to look at my vocal chords, she said it looked like they were covered in elmer's glue. ulgh.
she also said there are a lot of things they can do for this...but none of which apply to me, because I'm pregnant. so, she said to keep doing what i've been doing, and wished me good luck.
not incredibly inspiring, or hopeful words.

when i had this same thing while i was pregnant with Camden, my voice was gone for 6 weeks before i delivered. and (after giving birth) having respiratory therapists come in, i had a voice one week later.
i was hoping to avoid sounding like darth vador for the next 3 months.
the good news is, the baby is doing well :)
3 months really is a small amount of time in the grand scheme of things.
while it is painful, and exhausting, it could be a lot worse.
unfortunately, i really like to talk, so not having a voice is extremely frustrating.
 so, for now, i will just be thankful for texting, and listening...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

how i learned about doris day, singing in the rain, and gone with the wind

every summer growing up i would stay with my grandma for a few days.
now, every time i think about her, i think of old movies (singing in the rain, anything bing crosby or doris day, shirley temple classics, and gone with the wind), lender's bagels, cheese and crackers, and push pops.
my grandma is such a sweet woman, and the only grandma i've ever known!
this year she turned 85.  85 years old! years filled with raising children, and watching grandchildren raise children of their own.  years of hard work and love.  years golfing, playing the piano, arizona summers, and friends.  years spent missing her husband, daughter, and son.  years teaching life lessons, and having impacts on many.
we got together over the break to celebrate her, and her life.
we sure do love you, grandma! Happy Birthday :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, partner

happy birthday little man! the big 2 :)
to celebrate, we had a western "woody" party--
complete with an AMAZING cake (c/o Emily Judd)
we played a few games (are you smarter than a 2 year old: toy story edition & it happened when...) and ate some of the birthday boy's favorite food (hot dogs!)
Regan and Everett
the brown family
great gpa & gma Embley, Aunt Jess, Chandler
chowing down! no rules when it's your bday--
some of the crew (Austin, great gpa Embley, gpa & gma Nelson, gpa Brian & gma Lourie)
last year at Camden's party, Regan was the pregnant one, how the tables have turned...
my cheesy western cowboys
lighting the candle... while everyone was singing, Camden was swaying back and forth, obviously enjoying the attention and bday song
Camden and Mommy
Camden got this giant cutout of Woody as a gift, what better background for a whole lot of western pictures with the bday boy?!
Aunt Alicia & Camden
Aunt Laura, Alicia, and papa Judd
Aunt Brielle
Camden was a little slow overwhelmed with gift opening, so his cousin Brinley stepped in to help!
after he unwrapped his BYU helmet, he pretty much refused to take it off...
with cousin Brinley
papa Judd & gma Shauna
the Nelson clan (minus Brinley and Brian)
gpa & gma Nelson
and last but not least, our little family :)
we had such a great time celebrating with friends and family!
they say it takes a village to raise a kid, well, this is pretty much our village.
Camden (and us) are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.
this party was as much to thank and celebrate all of them as it was for Camden.
Happy Birthday, little man!

Friday, November 25, 2011

baby of mine

 dear Camden,
today you are two years old.
wow. to say those two years flew by would be an understatement.
when your daddy and i found out we were pregnant with you, my heart soared! i couldn't believe i was going to have the chance to be a mom.  and here we are, two years later, parents to such a sweet little boy!
at two years, you are incredibly sweet, and full of energy!
you have such a kind personality... you are always giving hugs, sharing, and making new friends. just the other day you walked into sunday dinner at Papa Judd's house and exclaimed "hello cousins!" so excited to play!
you have got some pretty sweet dance moves.  you love all things "toy story" and your latest favorite is "aladdin"-- you sing "whole new world".  you also sing along to "moves like jagger" and adele.  and your rendition of "i love to see the temple" is pretty much the best thing ever!  when the hot dog song comes on at the end of mickey mouse clubhouse, you go nuts dancing... it's great!
you love to listen to the train outside our house, and always point out the geese and airplanes in the sky.
you have quite the large vocabulary...mommy has to translate from time to time, but you aren't shy about trying to say repeat everything. (which gets us into trouble sometimes!)
you love sports. (you must be your father's son)  you love cosmo and BYU--you can do the "ra ra" part of the fight song, and you love to wear your cougar shirt.
you love soccer and Real Salt Lake... you sing "ole, ole, ole ole, Real Salt Lake"
and always point out the "real soccer" when we drive by the stadium.  you also love Leo the lion.  Daddy takes you golfing with your own "yubs" (can't quite say your C's yet!) at mulligan's golf course behind our house.
you love to watch daddy coach, and refer to the waterford gym as the "volley house"

you are also your mother's son, because you cheer everyone on.
when we are driving in the car, you start yelling "go mommy! go daddy! go memo!" and everyone and everything else you can think of. pretty enthusiastic.

you love to read your books and have a few of them memorized.. ("oops")
you also love storytime at the library.  when everyone gathers in the corner to listen to the story, you are the little one in front, much like the little dog on "101 dalmations" that keeps standing up in front of the tv to be closer...yup, that's you! 
you are super friendly and really love playing with London, Penny, Jake, Addy, and your Idaho cousins, Brinley and Tayson.

your favorite foods are bananas, yogurt, hot dogs and pizza.

pretty much you have captured our hearts, and we are thrilled to be your parents!
you are you, and i wouldn't change a thing :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

thanksgiving thoughts

thanksgiving just wouldn't be thanksgiving without writing down a few things i am currently thankful for...
my hubby. i'd be lost without him. he is more than i deserve. he is kind, loving, understanding, and patient. i'm so happy we are together forever.

Camden. holy cow that kid keeps me on my toes, laughing and learning new things everyday. i am grateful to be his mother.

baby boy #2.  i'm grateful for a boy who is growing healthy and strong, and just to be pregnant. sometimes i think pregnancy is a sacrifice, but then i look at my little boy and realize it's not much of a sacrifice at all for what you get in return.

the gospel. the knowledge of eternal families, and ability to repent.
Heavenly Father's love.

family and friends. great people i am so blessed to know, and wonderful lives i get to be a part of.

my home, ryan's job, my clients-- a roof over our head, and food in our bellies. luxuries many do not have.

a living prophet. his words are much needed, and come at times when my heart needs them.

i am thankful for so many things, and so blessed.
i think each year the things most important to me, and closest to my heart become a little more so. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a new little baby to love

 it must be baby season.
with a lot of babies being born lately, i can't help but think of my little one entering the world.
pregnancy, birth, and even motherhood are all miracles in my book.
what wonderful things we are capable of!
while Brecca was getting ready to meet little Lucy, i kept thinking it was 2 1/2 years earlier, and baby Lucy was baby London.  crazy to think that soon we will each have 2 little ones...
witnessing my best friend give birth (twice now!) are pretty close to the top of my list of most amazing things i have ever seen :)
she was such a rockstar! way to exemplify womanhood, Brecs.
so happy i could be there, snapping pictures of this sweet family of 4.
Congratulations!  i look forward to more adventures.

Monday, November 21, 2011

rolling down a snow covered hill

snowy. but surprisingly not nearly as cold as anticipated.
by the time we got out there, the sun was warm, and it made for a beautiful view of the valley as a backdrop for the festivities.

the hill was great this year, and i think the boys had just as much fun sliding down after the pumpkins as they did rolling them.
Camden was completely enthralled with the pumpkin roll...
team "bob barker"
 (we were so happy to have Anne and Dan come down all the way from Idaho!)

all huddled toegther to keep warm...
it sure was a snowy adventure this year, but the adventure part is what makes pumpkin plinko so fun and unique! every year Ryan and i still can't believe it's still going! just to think that we thought it up as a fun, yet incredibly weird group date...
and now it's the highligh of fall.
(we'll give ourselves a pat on the back for that one;)

Pumpkin Plinko 2011

pumpkin plinko was a little different this year...
we woke up to a foot of snow.
did we cancel? never! the show must go on :)
we relocated to an indoor location (much more weather appropriate), got some comfort food (soups, rolls, cookies, hot cocoa), and played games.
we were so sad the Johnsons couldn't be there, but so happy they now have sweet little Lucy :)
games were as follows:
pumpkin weigh in
pumpkin quiz
pumkin carving relay
apple beer chug/ pumpkin pie scarf
pumpkin launch
and the farmer run relay (i was too seriously involved to get any pics)
after each team "earned" our pumpkins, we headed to the hill for the snowy roll!