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Monday, October 31, 2011

bbq: a meal to finish the adventure

 podnah's bbq was the perfect way to end the weekend.
a laid back atmosphere that suppor messy faces and good company.

and toddlers who think straws are wands... (you better believe he was saying "expelliarmus")

multnomah falls

after the temple visit, we drove up to multnomah falls for a nice little hike.
(and i was smart and brought my hot pink tennis shoes to wear instead of my boots...much better to hike in!)
it was a fun little hike up to the 1/2 way point. after that, my super out of shape pregnant self declined the offer to go to the very top of the waterfall.  and after Ryan and Charles came back covered in sweat, i was satisfied with my decision :)
Portland is a beautiful city, especially in the fall!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Camden's absolute favorite song as of late is "i love to see the temple".
just that fact in itself totally melts this mama.
it gets even better when he constantly asks for "temple!" and wants you to begin singing right then. and if everyone around is not singing, you will be singled out. he is learning the words, but mostly just knows the last word of every line.
and every time we drive by anything that even resembles the temple, he shouts out "mommy! temple!" (even thinks the cinderella castle they show at the beginning of disney movies is the temple, and starts singing)
so, when we went to the temple just outside of portland on sunday morning, he was ecstatic.

 he was so happy to be at the temple, that he ran around, smelling the flowers, and singing his temple song over and over.  he was so excited, that i couldn't tell him we need to be reverent at the temple. there are a lot more years for him to learn that.

Monday, October 24, 2011


 a victory celebration dinner at a great german restaurant, gustav's.
they had a great take on americanized german food!

i think my favorite part of dinner was the option of ordering an Izze to drink!
so easy to please, i know, but i thoroughly enjoyed my clementine beverage.

byu @ oregon state

and a fall weekend getaway just wouldn't be complete without a byu game!
so, saturday afternoon we headed to Corvallis to cheer on our cougars.
 one thing i wish byu did a better job of is tailgating. it was really fun to see all the pre-game festivities going on...but, i guess most people came with their beers. i guess we could come with our caffeinated beverages?

 there is nothing better than a beautiful fall saturday, watching college football
 Camden also made friends at the game...
 i'm not sure if it's acceptable to be fraternizing with the enemy...
but this cute little girl was loving her some Camden time.
every time he let go of her hand, she would follow him around until she could grab his hand again! what a ladies man--
 and when the game got a little too long for this kid, we brough out his old friends Buzz and Woody... what did people do to keep their kids entertained before technology?
a W for the cougars always helps the weekend get that much better!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

weekend trip to Oregon

 Camden's second time on an airplane much more successful than the first.
partially thanks to Shauna's IPad, Charles' books, and the overall understanding/ excitement of riding in an airplane.  we took off for Portland Friday night...
 arrived and did the first thing one should always do when Ronda lived in Portland for 14 years before her move to Maui, so she had some great suggestions for fun places/ restaurants.  we settled on eating at My Thai and were impressed! the curry was to. die. for. and it was the best fried rice i had ever tasted!
 after our thai feast, we explored downtown Portland a little, and drove south of the city to stay for the night.

 saturday morning we hit up the outlet malls right across from our hotel and discovered giant pumpkins! Camden (and Papa Judd) were in heaven. and Grandma Shauna and I were possibly just as excited by the outlet sales... :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

only one boy allowed

 during priesthood session of conference, the girls (and Camden) got together and headed to a few baby boutiques in search for cute decorating ideas for baby brother's nursery.
after shopping we went to the training table for some post priesthood trivia.

Monday, October 17, 2011

large, and in charge

i'm not sure what the deal is today, but i am feeling HUGE.
like this bump is no longer playing wants to be seen!
i tried on four pairs of pants today alone.
and finally ended up with leggings :)
i think i have been watching too many episodes of the rachel zoe project
because the way she looks 32 weeks pregnant and the way i look 18 weeks pregnant, is about the same. and that does nothing for the pregnant self esteem.
granted, she is this tiny little thing that eats nothing, and i have downed 2 bags of popcorn by. myself. in the past 12 hours...
oh well!
long live a large, and in charge baby bump! :)

soccer saturday and chick-fil-a

 before soccer season came to a close, we went up to Layton to watch our niece and nephew show off their skills.  seeing Kayla and the other little girls run around in their five-sizes-too-big jerseys, reminded me of my soccer playing days.  indoor at the YMCA with our pink jerseys, xtreme style doing handsprings down the field after a victory, and perfecting the handspring throw in. i love watching soccer, and can't wait until i can watch my own kids play :)
 right by the soccer fields happened to be a brand new chick-fil-a, so between the games, we went over for lunch and the grand opening festivities.

Jarom was fun to watch play! you can tell he really understands the game and has watched a lot of soccer. what a stud! Camden loved following his older cousins around and being silly.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

F is for FHE

 we wanted to do something fun and fall-like for FHE this week, so we decided to pack some soup and rolls and head up to Silver Lake for a picnic and stroll.
neither of us had been up there, or even knoew really where it was, but had a few good recommendations, so we decided to try it.
 we finally got up there... and it was much darker, colder, and snowier than we anticipated.
we didn't plan on staying long, especially since we were in no way prepared for the snowy conditions.

 we were the only people up there!
Memo was so cold that i didn't dare put him down--
out of nowhere comes this super environmental yuppie lady who stops and asks us if we were aware that having dogs up there is illegal.
we politely told her that we had no idea, this was our first time up there, and Memo was so cold that we hadn't even put him down.
apparently that wasn't a good enough explanation, because she told us that not only was it illegal, but we could be charged with a class b misdemeanor.
way to ruin our perfectly freezing, snowy, night, friend.
besides the beast we encountered up in the mountains, the night was fun!

Cougar Football

 one of the main reasons fall is my favorite season is due to my love for BYU football.
we were so excited for the home games to begin! and for Camden to be able to really enjoy the fight song-- everytime Ryan or I wear a BYU shirt, he points at it and says "rawrr rawrr!"
we are raising a loyal cougar here, folks :)

 the first BYU football game for the new little guy in my tummy!

it was an awful display of football all around. both teams looked terrible, we just looked worse.
i always HATE losing to the U. blah.
and to make matters worse, i didn't even get a cougar tail :(
oh, well. there are plenty more football games, and many more cougar tails to be had!
oh, how i love fall.