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Thursday, September 27, 2012

the fair

Man, I love our fair tradition. Eat a ridiculous amount of food, ride the giant slide, see the baby pigs, and go home happy. It's great! And this year, we even got to catch some if the rodeo--

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

this week

A play date with our BFFs. The splash pad and meltyway! Never a dull moment with these four...
Productive mornings are next to impossible with these two. Giggles and snuggles take over... Getting out of bed is next to impossible.
A lunch date to McDonald's. I could stare at this kid's eyelashes all the live long day.
Saturday afternoon football. Camden said he didn't want a "cougar tail" because tails are supposed to be on your bum! He quickly changed his mind upon seeing the donut.

Bear Lake for Labor Day

Labor Day weekend was a hit! The perfect combination of activities. Beautiful sunsets. Super cool rainstorms (lightening over the lake is amazing!). Raspberry shakes. Canoes. Frisbee throwing. Late night games. S'mores. Boating. The beach.
It certainly ended our summer perfectly.

Monday, September 24, 2012

open house, soccer spectators, and football season

Meeting my parents in Brigham City for the temple open house. Camden was so excited just to go inside a temple, and Turner didn't make a peep the entire time... I knew that kid was heavenly!

Enjoying daddy's soccer games. Does this make me a soccer mom? More like soccer wife, I think...

BYU football has begun! We have been waiting for this day all summer! It's been fun to compare our football pictures throughout the years... Me cheering, the two of us, me pregnant (twice!), Camden joining, and now 2 littles! Time sure does fly.

With all these fun things happening lately, we are trying not to miss summer's laziness too much...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

i heart the 4th of July

 celebrating the 4th of July in Idaho is a tradition we hope to keep up for a long, long time!
this year we barbecued, played with snappers, high-fived the cow at the parade, enjoyed some good cousin time, sat at our usual spot along the river for the fireworks show, and played games-- 

I love this holiday so much! It makes me so proud to live in this wonderful country--
And with the Olympics just around the corner, my USA pride is in full abundance!

Friday, September 21, 2012

these two

Camden has recently abandoned his nap. Not cool. At first, I tried to force it. That didn't last too long. Then, we went through a "quiet time" phase. Which really was a "Camden, go back to your room, quiet time isn't over yet" phase. So now, I just strategically tire the kid out, and around 3:00, he ends up sort of putting himself down for a nap . Genius.
Turner is now a baby food eater! And this chunk loves him some grub--
I just can't get over how much these little boys love each other. Even when they are both asleep, they hold hands.
We were at Ryan's dad's house playing games one night, and Turner fell asleep. We put him to bed on the couch in the next room-- Camden was still playing around, full of energy. A little while later, I couldn't find him anywhere... Until I went to check on Turner, and found that Camden had crawled up on the couch next to him and fallen asleep. It was the sweetest mommy moment. I hope they always want to be best friends :)

soccer trip to Zion

Ryan is coaching yet another sport this year, (what? Ryan Judd? More sports, that's weird) this time it's girls soccer. Back in August they had a soccer trip to Zion-- the boys and I got to drive down and meet them. Camden loved all the attention from the girls so much, that he now refers to them as his "ladies".
While we were down there, we watched our fair share of soccer-- Camden made a friend (Sammy) who has continued to entertain him at every game since. We spent a day in Zion and went on a beautiful hike. Camden was a pro! And Turner was his happy little self, just along for the ride.
We had a great time, and were just so happy to get to hang out with daddy :)