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Thursday, April 5, 2012

life isn't slowing down

Turner (1 week)
lately we have been just adjusting.
adjusting to warmer weather (hallelujah!) and outdoor activities.
to having 2 kids-- being a big brother (he's a natural)
and getting in a new groove.
we've been at Papa Judd's farm...a lot. with the new pigs arriving, and 7 baby sheep, there is enough to keep Camden busy!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Turner Maxwell

 Turner Maxwell Judd
Born March 8, 2012
1:15 pm
7 lbs 11 oz, 22 inches

(all these pictures were taken by my super talented neighbor/ friend, Christine!
Thanks, Christine)

Completely Smitten

 the best way to describe how we feel about little Turner.
completely smitten.
we have fallen head over heels with everything about this kid.
the way he opens his mouth when he sleeps. his full head of naturally mohawking hair. the sweet yawns and adorable hiccups. his long, velociraptor feet.
even his screeching, desperate cry is enough to break your heart.

the look of bewilderment he gets when he opens his eyes.
how when big brother sings to him, he (almost always) stops crying. 

I love how much Camden loves Turner.
He is always so concerned about him...always wanting to know where he is, and if baby Turner is ok. And if he is crying, Camden is the first one to run to me and demand tell me "Mommy! Baby Turner is crying! You pick him up!"
He also gives Turner about 50 kisses a day (no exaggeration).
It completely melts my heart when Camden goes to Turner and tells him,
"Oh baby Turner, you so cute."

Ryan especially loves having Turner fall asleep on his chest. And I can't help but smile to see them asleep on the couch.
It's crazy how this little boy has captured our hearts.
Newborns sure are exhausting, but they sure are worth it.