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Friday, January 27, 2012

I'll take it

One of Camden's favorite movies (as of late) happens to be Aladdin.
The other day we were playing with his toys and he said "Daddy, Aladdin"
"Oh, Daddy is Aladdin huh?"
"uh-huh. Mommy, Jasmine"
"You think Mommy is Jasmine?! Well, who does that make you?"
"The monkey, Abu."
"What does a monkey say?"
"ooo-ooo, ahhh ahhh"
When you are 33 weeks pregnant, there isn't a whole lot anyone can say to make you feel any less like a walrus.
Except when your 2 year old thinks you are Jasmine. I'll take it any day :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dear mornings

I treasure you.
The few minutes (with some bribery and often Toy Story watching) I get to cuddle my little boy, before he runs rampant for the remainder of the day are my favorite.
With his soft footie jammies and crazy morning hair, sweet smile, and lots of eskimo kisses, he is (for right now) my favorite. And I can say that, because little brother isn't here yet...

little buddy

 While Mike was off studying away (law school) in Iowa, Regan and Everett got to spend an entire month hanging out with family in Utah and Texas for the holidays.
That is when Everett became Camden's number one fan.
I hope it doesn't go to Camden's head... Everett worships him!
He only cries when 1)his mom and 2)Camden leaves the room.
His little face lights up when Camden brings him a toy, shares a treat, or really just looks in his general direction.
Pretty cute stuff.

It solidified my thought that Camden will be a pretty stellar older brother :)

A Birthday Party!

In celebration of Everett's first birthday, we loaded the kids with sugar and took them to run around.  They had a blast!
They each loved getting their very own candle on their very own cupcake.
The most exciting part was when we got to go on a train ride!
Well Everett, my boy, you put on a good party :)

when the kid figures out how a camera works

You get a candid shot like this.
I love my little boy :)

what is there to do in Reno?

 Our last night was spent in Reno...hmm. What to do in Reno?
The babies played in these super cool, vintage cribs the hotel set us up with.
 We went to the driving range that allowed you to purposely hit your ball in the water.
(Camden loved it so much that when we left, he cried and cried to go golfing again)
We ate at Johnny Rocket's and played laser tag while Camden enjoyed the coolest play zone ever. Honestly, I was wishing I wasn't huge  pregnant so I could join him.

And we ended the night with yet another episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Lake Tahoe

 We broke up the long drive home with a stop at Donner's pass, complete with nature hike and stick racing contest.
 Camden sure did love wearing his lion hat and being king of the jungle--

 I'd never been to Lake Tahoe, and now I can't wait to go back!
We ate lunch at a charming little lake-side restaurant, and got to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

I think half the fun of this vacation was playing games in the van during the drive.
We had words with friends (scrabble on the iphone) tournaments, played mad gab & scattergories, and the girls competed in a sports jeopardy game.
Camden also introduced Everett to the wonderful world of watching Disney movies in the car :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Year's Eve

 We started the day off eating at The original Pancake House, where I had the most fluffy, delicious omelet, and Camden got a balloon sword.
After breakfast, we headed back into the city-- some of us (the girls and Camden) rode the trolley to an amazing mall and spent the better part of the afternoon shopping, while the others went to a bowl game.

The evening started with a Sacramento King's game...we had to catch Jimmer while we were there! And we needed to be fully supportive with our Jimmer shirts :)

After the game, we went downtown Sacramento to catch the 9:00 firework show--
it was set to Disney music, so Camden was loving it!

Based on the past few New Year's Eves, I have to say that I think I am getting old.
We checked into the hotel, ordered Chili's to-go, put the kids to bed, and watched Grey's Anatomy. As soon as the clock struck midnight, I got my New Year's kiss, and headed straight to bed. Staying up past midnight is just too much for this pregnant mama who's toddler wakes up at the same time no matter when I get to bed...

An afternoon at the Wharf

We got to spend the afternoon at pier 39, enjoying the wharf.
We ate chowder and crab cakes,
saw some sea lions,
ordered a bucket of donuts (and yes, greasy food brings out the double chin in me),
and I got to eat my very favorite cookie! (a cookie cup with frosting in the middle)
After the wharf (and our anniversary hour), we headed to "Cats".
Which just so happened to be the worst musical ever.
It was so bad that we left at intermission! (the last time I left a play at intermission was because I had kidney stones, that's how bad this play was)
We did, however, enjoy making fun of the play for the next few days :)

still having fun

5 years later.
2 little boys. (#2 is almost here!)
4 places we've lived in.
1 mortgage.
1 dog.
a lot of adventures.
and I still consider myself the lucky one.

I'm not sure what I was thinking at 18 when I met Ryan. I was so not going to be that girl. (the one that goes to BYU and meets her husband 2 months into the first semester...)
but it's not every day that you meet a guy like Ryan, and he runs away with your heart.
5 years ago I made the best eternal one at that. I'm happy to say that eternity still doesn't seem long enough.

Our celebratory evening was a disaster!
Last time we were in San Fran, I saw this awesome little (incredibly romantic) restaurant right off the wharf. I told Ryan that it would be the perfect place to come for a special occasion, so when he knew our anniversary would be in San Francisco, he made reservations.
While we were waiting for the boat to take us there, I started feeling a little seasick. Turns out, the restaurant is floating. No good for my prego self.
So we walked down the pier...didn't have cash to purchase a diet coke, stopped for the most expensive (disgusting) gourmet chocolate, ordered equally disgusting hot chocolate and dessert from an organic cafe (should have known), and ended our alone time with a walk down the most romantic pier (complete with twinkle lights).
Nothing went right, and everything was perfect.
I think that is what a good marriage is all about :)
Happy 5th Anniversary, Ryan-- I can't wait to see where the next 5 years take us!

BYU @ St. Mary's

Once we finally made it to California, we headed to the BYU game at St. Mary's--
You mean to tell me you went on vacation with Ryan's family and there was a sporting event involved!? Gasp! --and not just one... :)
The seating was all general admission (except season ticket holders), and we weren't there hours early to get a seat.
So, Annie and I just sat down in two empty seats right behing St. Mary's bench, thinking someone would kick us out. However, when the two people came to claim our seats, the usher took one look at my pregnant belly, and instead of making us move, just added two more seats to the row! woo hoo! Thank you, baby bump--
The gym was smaller than my high school gym, but the atmosphere was awesome! It was a really fun game (could have been better with a win...but that's ok).
The gym was so small, that we were able to stand right outside the BYU locker room and watch them all run on to the court at the beginning. Something I haven't done since my cheering days :)

why hello san francisco, we meet again

For Christmas this year, Charles gave us all a trip over New Year's to San Francisco
 (and a little bit of everywhere in between)
We rented a giant 12 passenger van, loaded up, and headed to California!
The first night we stayed in Elko-- where we played games and just hung out (because there really isn't much else to do in Elko, NV...)
The next day we stopped in Reno to eat at Louie's Basque with cousins Andy & Catherine, and their little girl, Kay. We also celebrated Everett's first Birthday!! with some delicious ice cream.

Christmas (take 2)

After spending Christmas in Idaho, we came home and got to celebrate again with Ryan's family!
Mike, Regan and Everett got in from Texas the same day, so we all had our mini Christmas together :)