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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fans for Life

Real Salt Lake had their season opener at home against the Seattle Sounders,
and as Avid Fans, we just had to go!

Camden loves Sporting Events! huh, I wonder where in the world he gets that?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Roll em'

Easter is a BIG deal in Ryan's family.
Every year the entire Judd side of the family gathers together at the cabin in New Harmony the Saturday before for food, fun, games, and the Easter Egg Roll~
Love catching up with all the cousins and their wives This year we did something new--in addition to the egg roll and the egg art contest, we did the bridge breaking contest. It was a blast!
My "Rescue Rangers" Eggs
This year it was even better because it was Camden's first Easter, and we got to mix Conference with Easter. What better way to remember Christ than listen to the prophet and leaders of the church! The Easter Bunny had a scavenger hunt all ready for Ryan and Camden, with sports baskets at the end filled with movies, candy, and toys Easter wouldn't be Easter without some cupcakes...
Conference was amazing. It seems like every conference, all the talks are written especially for me... I love how refreshing it is to spend the weekend listening to exactly what you need to hear.

Such a fun and spiritual weekend :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Much Needed Sunshine

Well the weather lately in Utah has sucked.
It keeps playing with my emotions, which really isn't fair. A day of sunshine and blue skies here, crazy wind and snowstorms there, oh and a little bit of rain in between. (really Utah, really?) My level of cabin fever was off the charts! Since having Camden I haven't experienced much of the great outdoors...with no help from the weatherman.
So when Ryan said that he would be free during
I literally jumped for joy! It didn't take long to decide we needed warm weather to survive
(ok not that dramatic, but I really really wanted to see the sun for more than just a minute in between snowstorms) We chose Arizona! Figured we could make a stop or two along the way and break up the long drive... Long drive. (Forgot about that for just a minute because of the excitement of sunshine.) Long road trip with a 3 1/2 month old baby who doesn't yet sleep through the night.
Hmm...sanity or sunshine?

We chose SUNSHINE!!

We stayed a night in Cedar City at the Judd Cabin on the way down, then stopped in Vegas for lunch with my parents! (no, they didn't move...they were on vacation also. Maybe it's a Nelson gene to crave warm weather?)
We made it to Phoenix just in time to catch the Jazz game!
Camden's first NBA game and he slept most of the time-- Maybe he is good luck though because we pulled out a win!
We took advantage of the lovely Phoenix weather and saw some spring training. Dodgers vs. White Sox
(also fit in some Birthday Shopping...much appreciated)
On My Birthday... we had a gourmet breakfast at Denny's.
Saw the A's play the Angels
And had dinner with Ryan's cousins {the Browns}
Eric and Lily absolutely adored Camden. Eric wanted to pat his back to "help his tummy", and Lily wanted to hold him. In the middle of dinner Eric decided to read Camden a story...cutest thing ever! It was such a fun Birthday! (Even if the whole year I'll be singing the Blink 182 song...Nobody likes you when you're 23...)
We played games and had an amazing dinner at the Brown's Sunday-- (dinner was so fabulous, props to Jen) And both Lily and Eric held Camden.

Camden was smiling. I promise.
Ryan and I decided to explore Old Town Scottsdale. Maybe we should turn ourselves in for child abuse...turns out the place we ate at for lunch was like the Hooters of Scottsdale. Camden's one and only Hooters experience I guess? It was a cute little area with streets lined in western shops. On our way back home, we stopped in Cedar City again and saw Grandma and Grandpa Judd. It was their first time meeting Camden...I fought back tears :)

It was such a fun trip and I thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine I had so badly craved. It was all worth it. Except now, everytime we put Camden in his car seat, he arches his little back and screams bloody murder. Guess we learned our lesson that the little man wasn't fond of his 22 hours in the car.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I put my blue jeans on...

I put my old blue jeans on! (as said by hott Keith, Urban of course)

Everyone loves a wonderfully PERFECT pair of jeans, right?

I do! Just as much as the next girl, or probably more...

So--I went on over to my favorite site for great deals

and found me a lovely pair of skinnys at an AMAZING price!

My friends Leisle Rose and Mckenzie Bowen started the company and have some great merchandise! I'll be having a RECESSIONISTA party sometime in the next few keep checking back for info!