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Monday, March 28, 2011

weekend woes/ wonders

Weekend Woes:

--Trying to meet friends for lunch...changing location/ time 4 times. Then, I woke Camden up from a nap (which I usually do not do) so we could meet on time--only to discover that the carseat was in the car Ryan had. When I tried to call Ryan to have him pick us up on his way there, his sister answered. He had left his phone at his mom's. Our friends were on a time crunch...lunch did not happen.

--Camden teething. Poor kid is getting his molars, and it. is. awful. We're talking red cheeks, fever, no sleep, the works. Plus, he mutated into a total troll! (not the kind with awesome colored hair and jeweled navals, or even the fun kind you find on Abbie's Flying Fairy School...more like one of Gnorga's minions from A Troll in Central Park)

--Renting a crappy redbox movie...for the 2nd week in a row (apparently our movie critics need to be fired)!

--staying home from church to take care of sir-grumpypants himself

Weekend Wonders:

--Getting a bouquet of lovely spring flowers...hand delivered by the cutest delivery boy ever!

--Sunday brunch made by my husband

--Feeding the ducks with Camden and Ryan--and hearing Camden make duck and goat noises the rest of the evening

--Meeting up with Brett and Angela for dinner + the Real Salt Lake game

--RSL beating Galaxy 4-1... (and getting to see David Beckham)

It was a great weekend-- even with some slight mishaps!

Hope this one is just as fun :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Teach me how to Jimmer

The nation has caught a high dose of Jimmermania...
and we, being HUGE BYU fans, were already caught up in the madness!
It's seasons like this that make me miss my cheerleading days...

But now that I'm no longer down on the court, I get to watch all the games next to this guy-
It's a pretty fair trade :)

We had a blast this year watching BYU Basketball--
scheduling our lives (and vacations) around it.
Now I just can't wait til football season...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bride to Be

We took advantage of every moment while we had Regan in town...
and although Lourie's wedding isn't for another 6 weeks, we wanted to have a small shower/girls night for her.
The only boys invited...
Yummy brunch dishes
Always some mischief involved with this one.
Such a fun night with all the girls there!
We wish Lourie the best...and all the happiness in the world :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Birthday continues...

Since Lourie was out of town for my actual birthday, she took us out to dinner to celebrate when everyone was back in town--

Brecca got to meet Everett
I got to turn 24...again!

And we all got to enjoy some delicious red velvet cake.
This is the birthday that goes on and on, my friends.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cousin Love

Spring Break was the first time Camden (and the rest of us!) got to meet "Baby" Everett--
Camden absolutely LOVED him.
All Camden wanted to do was give the baby E-e (he couldn't quite say Everett, so he started calling him E-e) kisses, and loves.

He was so soft and gentle with him!

He liked cousin Everett so much that he kept giving him "bones" and trying to put his binky back in his mouth

After seeing Camden with a little baby, I have no doubt that he will be such a good big brother one day :)

We were so happy to have Mike, Regan, and Everett here for a whole week!

It makes us wish Iowa was closer...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

We were so lucky to be in Vegas for the MWC Basketball Tournament!
In addition to watching our COUGARS, we enjoyed our fair share of buffet dining...
and got completely exhausted shopping with Mama.

Nothing like college basketball.

Even better when it's BYU college basketball!

We've got Jimmer Fever over here!
It's seasons like this that really make me wish I was still cheering...
being in the stands sure is fun, but not as good as being in the action!
What a great season :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Never too much fun

You can never really have too much fun.
I strongly believe in that statement.
Especially after a fun filled day for our last in AZ.
After exploring all the trains and their full glory, we had a small egg hunt for the kids.

They had a blast! Especially when it came time to show off their loot.

Camden didn't realize they were eggs, but he sure had fun finding the "balls" that were hidden all around...

High, Low, and everywhere in between.
After the egg hunt, we headed out to...another baseball game!
Our Arizona portion concluded with a night of games and merry-go-rounds.
We met all the cousins that currently live in Arizona, at Amazing Jake's (which is this awesome chuckie cheese/boondocks sort of place)

We rode all the rides... numerous times.Played laser tag. Go karts. Bumper cars. Train rides. and of course, ate.

Ryan and Scott even tried Dance Dance Revolution. And honestly, they were good.
It was a lot of fun for us to see all the cousins in Arizona!

Ticket to Ride (Day 4)

Our last morning in Arizona was spent at the train park--
Climbing on playgrounds.
Sliding down slides.
Spinning on carousels.
Riding on trains.

Playing in the sun.and spending time in jail.