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Monday, March 22, 2010

February came and went...

and I forgot to blog.
Well, I didn't quite forget. More like wasn't getting a whole lot of sleep due to the little man that has recently taken over my world...and blogging was pretty much last on my list. So now that I'm getting more sleep...oh wait. He's still not much of a sleeper.
(but that's a conversation for another day)
So back to February and Valentine's Day. The Saturday before we went out to dinner and a movie with the Harbertsons, the Browns, and Eric and Nicole.
On Sunday, (The actual Valentine's Day) I made a Lasagna dinner for
the LOVE of my Life...
Complete with mini heart-shaped cakes for dessert!

We exchanged gifts and Ryan got me this sweet camera! -- an instant excuse to blog
Much thanks to Brecca for the assist on that one

Usually I'm not the world's biggest fan of Valentine's day, but this year I Loved it...
(he he he)