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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ready, or Not!

This week has been a crazy one! We went in for our weekly visit on Tuesday, and were surprised to find that I had high blood pressure. It wasn't going down much, so after our appointment, our Doctor sent me down to labor and delivery to be monitored. She explained to us that high blood pressure is one of the signs of preeclampsia, which affects the liver and kidneys-- and at this point in the pregnancy, the only real cure is delivery. (This statement completely freaked Ryan out-- Especially when Dr. Ponder said that after a few hours if I still had high blood pressure, they would induce me immediately. He had the deer-in-the-headlights look for the next few hours!) Camden has a great heartbeat and moves a ton, so no concern there! After a few hours, my blood pressure went down enough that they felt comfortable sending me home...but not without a lovely 24-hour urine catch. So much fun-- If there is protein in the urine, that is sign #2 of preeclampsia.

After 24-hours, I went back in to get another blood pressure check and turn in my test. My blood pressure was lower, but not low enough that they weren't concerned. They needed my urine and blood test results to decide what to do, so they sent me on my way :)

Yesterday they called and there is indeed a high amount of protein in my urine, so induction it is! They told me to "take it easy" for the weekend and depending on the status of things-- I will either be induced this coming week or the beginning of the next week! Crazy! It turns out that despite my earlier thoughts of my child hating me and making it his life's goal to inflict pain, (with the 4 months of puking, the 3 week long larengitis/croup, acid reflux, etc.)-- he may have actually listened when I told him that he was going to come early! he he he

With the news that we have 2-3 weeks less than we thought...our lives have gone into crazy mode! Luckily my parents have been in town and have lent a HUGE helping hand, and Ryan's family is close by! The nursey is almost complete...the baby is getting we just have to work on getting mom and dad ready...I'm not sure that will ever happen, but Ready or Not--he's coming!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Best Husband/Nursey Ever

Ok I have to take a minute to brag about my amazing husband! When we found out we were pregnant I knew I wanted to go all out on our nursery. Then the news came that we were going to be parents to a little boy, and the plans began! I really had my heart set on bead board (wainscott), but to have it professionally installed was too expensive. So, my wonderfully crafty husband started making many a trip to Home Depot investigating how he could pull this off for a reasonable price... Thus began the transformation---

We decided on a bright sky blue for the walls...

And we had a lot of help...

Once the bead board was finished and looking great, I had already decided that I wanted some sort of cute sports mural painted on the wall. As it turns out, having someone paint on walls is also ridiculously expensive... So I approached my extremely talented husband, who just so happens to be an amazing artist! He said no. In my state of motherly determination, I decided to take art lessons so that I could attempt painting on the walls. It would only cost a few hundred dollars and probably a whole lot of stress on a pregnant woman, but oh well! Ryan pretty much shattered my dreams with a look at our bank account, and I thought I my perfect nursey was ruined...until he gave in and said he would paint the murals!!! Yay! (Now you may be thinking to yourself, "hey, she totally conned him into doing that!" and if that is indeed what you were thinking, you are correct)

As you can tell, Ryan is awesome! He is still working on the paintings, and I am still finishing up all the other decorations...but when it's done, I will be sure to put up more pictures! We only have 5 weeks to finish getting ready for Camden to arrive!! Can't wait :)


Honestly, I never win anything. Well except for that one time that I entered a "Name That Tune Contest" and completely killed everyone else, but that was pure talent--no luck involved. Our friend Steve wins everything he enters-- He has won so many times that he has it down to an art. However, I am always entering contests, never to win... But my luck has changed!! I won a Jessica Simpson purse from Recessionista (! Not only do I love the bag, but I WON SOMETHING!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pregnancy Pictures

Ok, so I really haven't posted many pictures of my ever-growing belly... But better late than never right? Here are a few of the maternity pictures Ashley Mackay ( took in my 35th week (almost 8 months)-- And yes, my stomach is HUGE!