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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

roller coaster of emotions

this week totally played with our emotions!
we were all over the place... here are just a few examples

Ryan's basketball team was a true cinderella story! they won 2 games to even get into the state tournament (none of which they were favored) and THEN beat the number one seed to advance. we were flabbergasted. and so proud of the coach :)

 spending Laura's last day together.
we met for pedicures and lunch, then she was set apart as a missionary!
 the morning Laura left for the MTC, we had a french inspired breakfast, and bid farewell to one of our favorite people. we'll sure miss her-- but we are so happy to see her go.
Camden wants to serve his mission in Paris, too. he is even saving his pennies...
getting ready to head down to Cedar City for the basketball state tournament.
me and my buddies.
on the way down, (around Scipio) Camden spotted a large radio tower of some sort, he immediately shouted out "mommy! mommy! look, the Eiffel tower! we are in Paris! Laura Lee is here" he was SO excited...I didn't have the heart to correct him.
 in between games, we got to stop and see grandma and grandpa Judd.
Turner loved grandpa Judd. he even said "ampa" for the first time!
 (Ryan's team lost their first game, and made it to over time in their second--then lost by 3, but his team played really well, and he was so proud of them. what lucky boys to have him as a coach. win or lose, he loves those kids and is the best role model)

my baby is growing up. sigh. it's inevitable.
but, i do love his little personality! he sits on his knees and plays with his toys, exploring each piece with full curiosity... kills me. 
 Camden was lucky enough to go to the Jazz game with Papa Judd.
Daddy painted his face, and I made him a sign...and let me tell you, he was excited!
Especially when he got up on the Jumbo tron-- 

this week was a crazy one-- chock full of events and emotions.
some hard, most good, and all memorable.

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