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Friday, March 1, 2013

bubbles, rico suave, and favorite things

there's nothing like a lazy morning filled with mischief and bubbles.
am I right?

 blasting off to the moon.
(his exact words)
I wish I could have the imagination and care free ways of a 3 year old...
 don't worry, Camden is rico suave.
we were shopping with my mom, and Camden insisted on wearing his sunglasses.
next thing I know, he is standing on the pillar, mimicking the mannequins. pose and all.
love this kid. he's a lady killer. and a great shopping buddy.
 one of our very favorite things is play dates with these hoodlums.
this one involved a morning of cooking, followed by rewards at the sweet tooth fairy.
 cupcakes, diet coke, and your bff-- 
a perfect play date :)

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