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Sunday, February 17, 2013

feeling it

feeling the love...and the sickness.
Valentine's day had all sorts of plans.
involving a heart themed breakfast with friends, cookies for neighbors, a painting for daddy, dinner that was all pink and know, a day straight from pinterest. 
then we ALL got sick with some freak nasty cold, and Turner got RSV.
so, all Valentine's plans were cancelled, and we sat at home--cuddled up with movies, trying to will our bodies to recover.

however, Ryan being Ryan, he put together a cute little scavenger hunt for us to do while he was at work...
it was perfect (especially for Camden)-- and we ended up playing with Camden's gift (a buzz and zurg nerf gun set) all afternoon.
 in our jammies, of course

before our whole house became sick, we did get some Valentine's pictures snapped--
and sent cards to family.
Happy Valentine's Day

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